What We Do

We help you with your defamation claim. 


We can ask a Court to Order the defamatory statement about you taken down and no more are made.

Libel Notice

& Claim

We can issue a Libel Notice and bring a defamation lawsuit against someone defaming you.


We can mount a vigorous defence against any claim of defamation made against you.


If your case qualifies, we can bring an Anti-SLAPP motion to have the lawsuit against you dismissed right away.

What is Defamation?

Defamation is when someone makes a statement that lowers the reputation of someone else.


The statement can be online, in an email, in a letter, in the newspaper, or anywhere else. 


Defamation is a complex area of law full of deadlines, loopholes, rules, and exceptions to rules. 

Defamation can include, online postings (including Facebook), cyber bullying, articles, and more.


We can help you if:

  • Someone has defamed you; or

  • Someone is accusing you of defaming them.

Cyber Bullying

Posts in forums & social media platforms.

Online Posts

Facebook, blogs, online reviews & more.


Newspapers, broadcasts, and similar.


Letters, flyers, handouts, & posters.

Defending Against a Defamation Lawsuit

Are you being sued for defamation? To defend against a defamation lawsuit, you must convince judge that, either:

a) You did not make the defamatory statement;

b) The statement is not directed toward the Plaintiff; or

c) The statement meets the requirements of one of the established defences to defamation such as

Fair Comment, Truth/Justification, Absolute Privilege, or Qualified Privilege.


If the expression is made in relation to a matter of public interest, the case may be dismissed as a SLAPP suit.

Contact us now if you have been served with a defamation claim.

Suing For Defamation

Do you need to sue for defamation? To win a defamation case, you must convince a judge that:

a) the expressed words lowered your reputation in the eyes of a reasonable person;


b) the words are published, meaning that they were communicated to at least one person; and


c) the words were expressed about you.

Generally, defamation is divided into two categories:

(1) Libel – Someone writes and distributes something defamatory about someone else

(2) Slander – Someone says something defamatory about someone else.  

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