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Podcasts Ontario Lawyers Need to Start Listening To!

Updated: Nov 6, 2018

Podcasts are extremely popular these days. Ever since This American Life released Serial, a podcast telling the story of a rightly or wrongly convicted murderer, more and more people are listening. As a lawyer with a fairly lengthy commute (and frequent long drives to the Newmarket Courthouse), I consume a good number of legal podcasts. Here is a list of law related podcasts I am listening to right now with some brief notes.

Of Counsel

Sean Robichaud is a Toronto based criminal lawyer. He recently started Of Counsel, a podcast that interviews leading Canadian lawyers about their careers, their practice, and themselves. This podcast gets great guests. Sean does episodes with Joe Groia, Tom Curry, Breese Davies, and others. Guests share insightful tips and stories on trial prep, their career journey, and more. One of my favorite examples is Gerald Chan of Stockwoods explaining how he would listen to tapes of US Supreme Court hearings on his long drives back home during law school. The US Supreme Court now has a podcast called Oyez where they provide audio from hearings. I tried listening to a few episodes but its too painful.

Click here to listen to Of Counsel

Lawyered the Podcast

Husein Panju’s podcast Lawyered has been streaming since 2015. It is similar in format to Of Counsel but the focus is on substantive law rather than lawyer’s individual backgrounds and career journeys. Guests include Denise Lash on Condo Law, Catherine Bate on advertising law, Lonnie Rosen on Health Law, among others. One of my favorite interviews was with fertility lawyer Sara Cohen on Surrogacy agreements. I was surprised to hear that a common issue with surrogates is that intended parents change their minds after the child is born.

Click here to listen to Lawyered

The Docket

This is a very popular criminal and public law podcast hosted by Michael Spratt and Emile Taman. With their guests they provide very in-depth and informed discussions on current issues like Bill-C75, mandatory minimum sentences, and other charter related topics. If you are a criminal lawyer, I am confident you already listen to this show.

Click here to listen to The Docket

Hull on Estates

Hull and Hull LLP is a leading Toronto estates litigation firm. They run a podcast called Hull on Estates. Episodes are short – around 10 minutes each – and usually summarize a recent case or development in wills and estates law. The audio quality of this podcast is poor, however, the content is good enough to get you through it.

Click here to listen to Hull on Estates

Stay Tuned with Preet

Former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara started Stay Tuned with Preet after famously being fired by Donald Trump. This is an American podcast focusing on politics and current events from a lawyer’s point of view. Its nice to get and informed and adult perspective on the goings-on south of our border for a change. Guests include noted American free-speech lawyer Floyd Abrams, New York Times journalist Maggie Haberman, and others. My favorite episode featured chess-great Garry Kasparov discussing his views on Russia and Putin.

Click here to listen to Stay Tuned with Preet

More Perfect

If you listen to Radio Lab (which you should) you have no doubt heard of More Perfect. This spin-off podcast tells the emotive and angsty background stories of famous US Supreme Court cases. One of my favorite episodes, “The Political Thicket”, explores the conflict between two US Supreme Court justices and the nervous breakdown it caused one judge. This episode pairs well with a CBC Sunday Edition episode called “He Didn't Have a Choice': How Depression Cost Gerald Le Dain his Supreme Court Post” where Michael Enright explores a similar incident from our Supreme Court.

Click here to listen to More Perfect

Click here for CBC Sunday Edition on Gerlad Le Dain

Other Legal Podcasts

There are plenty of other legal podcasts – mostly American. Many offer tips and tricks on legal marketing, growing your practice, and using new technology. One tip frequently given is to start a podcast (hence the plethora of legal of podcasts).

I hope you enjoy these recommendations. If I missed any good ones, please email me at The drives to Newmarket are long and I am always grateful for more listening material.

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